The List

My Bucket List

I should note that some things on my list are “big” and some are “small”. Some are silly, some are life-changing. Some are both. The ones in bold are completed!

-Ride a gondola in Venice

-Go to a Renaissance fair

-Swim with dolphins

-Vacation in Mexico

-Learn to sail a boat

-Go scuba diving

-Break a Guinness World Record

-Visit Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London

-Visit the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

-Visit all 50 states

-The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, Statue of Liberty in New York

-Go to Burning Man

-See Mount Rushmore see my story

-Take my kids to Disneyland/World

-Learn to sew Update: I have purchased a sewing machine. Let’s see if I can take it out of the box 🙂 Update #2: Still in the box 6 months later 😦

-Conquer my OCD

-Learn to use chopsticks 

-Reach my ideal weight and maintain it

-Run a 5k

-Own a boat

-Live in another state

-Build my dream house

-Have a hobby farm

-Take a real honeymoon

-Go to the airport and take the first plane to somewhere awesome

-Learn to read tarot cards –can do!

-Own an awesome car just for me

-Make a family tree

-Learn how to surf

-Take an African Safari

-Discover my life’s purpose

Meet my spirit guides -if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t know me.

-Get a micro dermal piercing -done- on my throat!

-Santorini, Greece

-Machu Picchu, Peru

-Go to the San Diego Zoo

-Go for a hot air balloon ride

-Enjoy an entire day at the spa

-Read the entire Bible and study it

-Crowd surf

-Join the mile high club

-Crash a wedding

-Have a photo or article published

-Learn and practice yoga

-Go wine-tasting

-Celebrate Christmas somewhere unbelievably warm and non-Minnesota-like

-Get re-married in Vegas

-Go on a cruise

-Be on a game show

-Go to Mardi Gras

-learn how to juggle

-get up to date and continue my scrapbooks

-sell everything I own and start over simply!

-quit smoking

-Stop worrying

-Ride on an elephant

-Spoil my grandchildren (and hopefully, great-grandchildren!)

-take my mom on a vacation

-learn to sing so as not to utterly embarrass myself/break glass

-perfect my Bloody Mary recipe

-have a rendezvous underneath a gorgeous waterfall

-take a soul-searching vacation all alone by myself

-stay overnight in a haunted house

-go on a mission trip

-make a quilt

-walk at least 10 labyrinths….in progress 4/10

-see my kids play in the ocean

-get an “old-time” picture taken

-See Stonehenge

-Bury a time capsule

-Stay at the Chateau Marmont or the Stanley Hotel

-Have a collection of home movies

-Take a photo every day for a year and make a book of them

-book of letters to my kids

-go back to Arizona

-Re-live Okoboji beaches and Arnold’s Park point of no return

-fly in a helicopter

-actively participate in a charity as a family

-Catalog all my photos and keep them up to date

-take a special vacation with each of my kids individually

-go horseback riding on the beach

-go organic

-learn how to play guitar

-document 5mins of every day for 1 year straight

-Reiki and have my chakras balanced

-become patient

-make a gratitude list and update it frequently

-keep a journal

-have Nana teach me how to make jelly

-learn to make lefse

-give birth naturally (no c-section, no meds, etc) * read my story!

-lead a ministry or mission

-host Thanksgiving

-volunteer as a family and give to charity

-take a boxing class

-have a beautiful garden

-own a “summer home”, cabin, beach house, etc

-tattoo sleeve

-pay for my kids’ college 

-encourage my kids daily, spend time individually every day

-smile more often

-laugh too much


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