Next on the list…lose 30 pounds

Ok, this one has been on my list for awhile and its time to get to it. Tomorrow starts a new diet and exercise regimen- once again- although this time I am not doing any fad diet crap. I’m hoping to lose 20 pounds before our vacation and another 10 pounds to tone-up. So, here’s to hoping Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, lots of cardio, and a better diet takes this weight off. Goal #1=20 pounds. Reward=the start of my tattoo sleeve.

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Mark it off the list! Microdermal piercing.

I got my throat pierced about a week ago. (and both tragus’>sp?) It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would and I ended up walking outta there with 3 new piercings! Yay!

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Protected: Pessimism at it’s best

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Tarot Cards

One of the things on my bucket list is to learn to read tarot cards. I cannot say I have mastered it (by far!) but I have bought 2 new and very interesting decks and have been taking classes (which is a lovely escape from the house) It’s fun and very complicated all at the same time. My goal is to be able to read cards for anyone without using the book, but instead using my intuition (and a little help from my guides!) Yay!

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red fox, fun days, and questions

It’s been a time of changes, struggles, and chaos lately. I’m working on some major changes in my life and it’s not easy in the midst of running a daycare, attending school (trying to get into the nursing program), juggling kids, 2 exes, summertime activities and more.

A totally random beginning, but I had a dream about a red fox the other night. It was loose in my house, I couldn’t catch it. It was really scary, sheisty, and I was sooooo frustrated with trying to capture it! At the end of my dream, I got close to it, went to grab it, it bit my arm and I woke up. Google searches found some great dream interpretation on this one:

The fox symbolizes someone sneaky and cunning in my life. The fact that I was trying to catch it and the feelings that evoked- frustration!- tells me something about who it is and most of you who know me well enough could probably guess. Getting bit in the end obviously means that I’m afraid of this person getting the best of me. Gotta love stress release dreams…

Now….in the wake of spending some of my time at a couple Children 18:3 concerts, I have been thinking a lot about their message. Their name comes from Matthew 18:3, “And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” It’s a great message and wonderful advice. I take things way too seriously. I spend a lot of my time planning for the future but not enjoying the now. So today was officially declared “Family Adventure Day” just me and my kids- having fun! And it was a lot of fun. Amazing day, just watching them enjoy life and reflecting on the idea that I outta jump in and do it a little more often!

Questions…..everyday. Am I following my path? I seem to be learning (over) so many lessons that I forgot about. It’s time to go back to the basics, make life a little simpler, and enjoy the little things I have been letting pass me by. Now, where do I begin? Questions.

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Bash on the Farm

It’s been a busy week! But we’ve got a babysitter and we’re headed to Bash on the Farm tomorrow!

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NT 90

One thing that’s important to me is to fully study and read The Bible. I am participating in our church’s NT90 Challenge- reading the New Testament, over the summer (in 90 days)

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