Gratitude List

~Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow~

~My Papa, who still hangs around and watches over us all. I miss you.

~My amazingly smart and loving son Riley

~My daughter Madelyn who knows how to be a princess and a tomboy

~My son Hayden, whose crazy ways have taught me many lessons

~My passionate and loving husband Brandon

~The ability to work from home so I can be here to raise my children

~My home, comfortable-lived in-happy

~My Nana- my strength and voice of reason

~My best friend, Donelle, for knowing me, liking me anyways and understanding me without judgement

~Pastor Meyer, who appeared out of nowhere when I needed it most and introduced me to our church/school

~Pastor Gary, for teaching me so much and touching my heart with the Word of God

~The ability to go back to college and pursue a career

~Owning a vehicle that doesn’t break down every other day

~PoL classes, better than therapy!

~Dr. Jay and reassurance

~Finding meditation and the gifts it has provided

~The discovery of Christian music (check out my links, it’s not what you think)

~Finding my soul mate

~A bloody mary after a rough day

~Good friends who are real and true


~Red Vines

~God’s love and forgiveness

~daycare kids that touch my heart and teach me every day

~family members that have taught me about tolerance and trust

~being able to learn about synchronicities and having the ability to recognize them

~hot bubble baths with a glass of wine

~financial security

~a dream for the future

~thrift stores, garage sales and the ability to not care about material things anymore

~good books

~good neighbors

~summer breaks

~making traditions my family won’t forget




~more to come…..


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