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Yes, I know that my last post was on the recent death of a music icon.  This one’s a bigger deal in the public’s eye though and serves as somewhat of a follow-up post.  This incident once again reaffirms an important point that we humans unfortunately refuse to believe despite seeing it repeatedly play out on cable reality shows – worldly “stuff” does not make your life any better.

“Stuff” could be defined as money, fame, talent, beauty, or whatever else this world seems to value at a great premium.  However you’re defining it, Whitney Houston had it, all of it.  But it wasn’t enough.  While the details remain a bit sketchy, every report indicates Houston contributed to her own death in some significant way.  Houston’s life, fame, and now death has been repeatedly compared to the not-too-distant passing of another pop icon – Michael Jackson (see the noted comparisons

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